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OEM Original ink and Toner

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner and ink refers to any new ink and toner cartridge that was manufactured by the company which also built your copier or printer. OEM cartridges can be a lot more expensive than comaptible cartridges due to the research and development costs that go into their production. They are known to be very reliable and may be the only option available for your printer.

Oosder and OEM Ink and Toner:

Oosder is engaged in providing supplies for copiers across USA. We are an experienced professional team that is receptive to all customer inquiries. Oosder aims to provide customers with the best deals and prices. We have a wide range of original products in stock, and the only supplies we do not buy are NON OEM.

When it comes to ink cartridges replacement, many printer owners frustrated thinking about the cost of replacement. Genuine ink cartridges cost several hundred dollars, while you get generic ink cartridge spending a few pence. However, with the genuine ink cartridges, you can get several benefits that outweigh the cost of those generic ink cartridges. Below are the things which everyone should keep in mind. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Invest In R&D

From the very beginning, ink cartridges are continuously evolving and getting improved. Today’s cartridges hold the very little resemblance to the forebears. Printing ink technology has the capacity to bear the heat around 300C to vaporise the ink and the dropping as many as 36,000 drops per second. The cartridge has been designed in such a way that it can deliver around 72.9 million possible colour combinations. You can find several OEMs brands providing advanced printing solutions to the users, Brother printer toner cartridges being one of the printing solutions brought to you by Brother. On the other hand, generics cartridges do not undergo R&D and consist of technology that is way behind.

2. Conduct Ethical Recycling

OEMs invest a portion of their profit into ethical recycling practices once the toner or printer cartridges reaches to the end of the cycle. Generic ink cartridge suppliers do not adopt recycling steps since they keep 100% of their profit. The cartridges end up in the landfill once they reach the end of the cycle. If you are using generic ones then actually you are creating harm to the environment.

3. Ensure Longevity

OEMs manufacture cartridges keeping in mind that the ink cartridges will provide the best yield and ensure it is value for money. However, generic ink cartridges do not offer longevity, and you will find printing standard quite low. Also, generic ink cartridges lead to misprints and wastage. For this reason, the costs also increase.

4. Generics Damage The Printer

Genuine ink cartridges have been specifically designed for your printer, and the generics are built keeping in mind they can be used in any printer. Thus if you put the generic one in your printer, it may end up damaging your printer and cartridge slot. Also, it may lead to other repair costs. So, it is always recommended to use the genuine ink cartridges, it reduces the risk of damaging your printer, it also minimises ant foreseen repair costs if have any. Also, generic ink cartridges do not maintain the quality assurance that OEMs is adhered to.

So, seeing all the advantages, genuine ink cartridges are the way to go. Although you may have to pay heavy at the beginning, stay assure you will be benefited from the long run.